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Bitcoin can’t be viewed as an untraceable ‘crime coin’ anymore

Bitcoin can’t be viewed as an untraceable ‘crime coin’ anymore

Cryptocurrency is a new technology that has entered the common discourse, setting the stage for a complete upheaval of our long-established financial systems. Of course, some skepticism is unavoidable.

Crypto’s association with criminality adds to this shared sense of skepticism. There is no denying that cryptocurrency has and continues to be used for illicit activities across the globe. Having said this, with the use and applicability of crypto becoming increasingly commonplace, the narrative that its creation has facilitated mass criminality needs to be addressed.

Brad Yasar is an entrepreneur, investor, mentor and adviser with a global focus on blockchain and innovative technologies. He has conceived and bootstrapped several companies to maturity over the past 30 years. Brad is currently the CEO of Eqifi, a decentralized global banking platform. He is also the founder of Beyond Enterprizes, offering strategic and technical leadership, advisory services and support to projects in all blockchain implementation and development stages.


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